The Essence of Human Society

Man is indeed a social animal and short essay can answer many of his basic questions. A brief look into his life will help you to understand him better. What is it that compels a man to form bonds with group of people? Why does man follow an order? How does society function?

Short essay: Man is a social being. how to be a good learner essay is simply a group of human beings living together for a period of time, satisfying various social needs of each individual. The society comprises a system of norms which enables every person to lead his life in a satisfactory manner. In addition to this, there is also the role of the state in ensuring that the basic moral and legal principles are observed. The entire system of the society functions on the basis of these moral principles.

Man has various species of social animals in his society. These animals have their own characteristics, habits and interests. They live differently from one another and belong to different classes in the animal kingdom. For example, there are bird species and bird-related species. Similarly, there are different classifications of human beings and other kinds of societal animals.

Man is indeed a social animal who lives in a human community. His actions can be described as social and his desires as social desires. writing an argumentative essay about the nobel prize in literature of man’s nature can be understood through his social behavior. A short essay on man and society can be written in a simple way if we take into consideration that each human being behaves in certain ways. A social creature, man needs a community to survive. Man searches for meaning in the lives of other human beings and enjoys the company of other people as much as he enjoys the company of other animals.

This is why man is a social animal and his behavior is shaped by his understanding of society. The strength of a man is determined by the number of friends he has and the number of friends he finds in his animal friends. The concept of good and evil, right and wrong and love and hate are shaped by the understanding of man’s nature and the relation to other human beings.

The strength of a man is determined by his understanding of his social heritage and the society which supports it. According to the present society, a man is a social animal and his behavior is shaped by the norms which support this society. In other words, man is an animal which has its own set of basic instincts which are necessary to survive. These instincts help to regulate the behavior of a man towards other animals and to his own behavior in the society in which he lives.

The idea of man as a species separated from the society which supports it has been replaced by the deep conviction that human beings have a common bond and a common welfare which is essential for their survival. The welfare of man is determined by the ability of a society to provide the basic needs of human beings. The basic needs include food, clothing and shelter. It is the ability of a society to meet these needs that determines whether a society will be able to promote man as a species or whether it will be able to maintain the level of human development it has achieved so far.

The ability of a society to meet these basic needs does not mean that it can fulfill them all but it does mean that a society can provide the basic necessities of life to man. The level of development of man as a society depends on the level of development of its human nature. A social animal like man is highly social and cooperative and the level of development of man as a social animal can be seen in the way his society functions.

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